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Staff Training

We offer individually designed trainings that we are happy to carry out directly on site on your machine. The courses we offer range from general grinding through operation and programming up to specialized topics.

Production Support

In the next step, we analyse your processes and help you to optimize them.
This service is an add-on to the training – so the results are really on target.

Training Courses

Basic training

34 hours

Process optimization/monitoring

7 hours

Hardware Upgrade

7 hours

Mechanical training

7 hours


7 hours

Customer-specific training

7 hours

Software Update

7 hours

ESCO programme training

21 hours

Electrical training

7 hours

Setting up and calibrating the machine

X hours

Your Benefits

Procedures are learnt under real-life conditions

Trained and motivated staff

Higher productivity

Lower risk of machine downtime due to incorrect operation