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Spare Parts and Accessories

Spare Parts:

We can supply original spare parts not only for the current machines but also for older models. Our experts take care of the identification and shipment of the appropriate parts. For your CNC tool grinding centre, we offer packages of parts subject to regular wear and tear that we have put together specifically for each machine.

Exchange Parts:

We expertly recondition selected exchange parts and offer them for sale – including the full 6 months warranty. Consequently, you can choose between new parts and favourably priced exchange parts, both with the same delivery times.


We offer a large selection of accessories ranging from dressing tools to measuring sensors. Our staff can advise you which of them are best suited to your individual requirements.

Your Benefits

Fast, flexible response to your specific requirement

Accuracy of fit and process reliability thanks to original spare parts

High precision of the machine is maintained

Customization of your machine

Perfect fit of accessory parts

Person in charge

Johannes Franz

Internal Service

Telefon: +49 881 688-550