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Online Service

Condition Monitoring

We can enable you to continually gather all current machine data – anywhere in the world. A user-friendly app makes a direct connection to your smartphone, tablet or notebook. The heart of the system: A Plug&Work box that is installed in every new ISOG machine. We can gladly also install them in your existing machines.


With an online machine check we generate a comprehensive report – with all error log files, error memory thresholds and diagnoses.

ISOG Remote Assist

All relevant data from the machines are available at any time via app, using the online portal Symmedia SP/1.  When required, our service technicians can help quickly via a secure connection. The complex remote service infrastructure was developed especially for the complex requirements of the machine construction industry. The Symmedia box is installed in every new ISOG machine; existing machines can be retrofitted.

Your Benefits

Increased operational reliability and fast response in case of problems

Availability of experts, independent of time and location

Consistent machine performance

Operating figures available at any time for optimizing operations