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For applications that require the grinding of engraving tools, die sinking cutters or other tools necessary for processing complicated work piece shapes with a high degree of surface finish, the high powered ISOG S0 and S0E single lip cutter grinders are the solution.

The S0 is our time-proven basic model. Its ingenious construction and fundamental design with early unlimited setting choices, make the ISOG S0 an indispensable machine necessary for every business. With the S0 you perform your daily grinding tasks with style. The ISOG S0 has often been copied, but never equalled in terms of quality and reliability. Our meticulous machining and assembly guarantee longterm precision, even after many years of rugged use in the workshop. ISOG precision and quality, combined with proper machine maintenance, make the S0 an unbeatable investment.

Demanding jobs – The S0E gives you the competitive edge. When specifications require high degrees of precision, complex cuts or large quantity runs, the S0E´s features provide the advantages that help you outperform the competition. The S0E adds another dimension to single-lip cutter grinding. The S0E advances the capabilities of the S0 with a totally enclosed housing, builtin drive system, a fly-mounted tool holder, an axially adjustable grinding spindle, more powerful motor and
built-in dust exhaust unit.

The S11 from ISOG has been specifically designed for grinding modern precision tools. It even masters most complex, demanding and highly precise tools with brilliant performance.

With the S11, you can grind single tools and small batches amazingly fast, economically and with versatility – and all this with the highest operating ease.

More than one thousand enthusiastic customers all over the world use the ISOG S11 for their demanding grinding tasks and benefit from unique advantages:

  • Patented T-shaped design for easy one-side operation.
  • Motor-driven height and fine adjustments.
  • Exact and smooth axis positioning.
  • Infinitely variable grinding spindle speed.
  • Axially adjusted grinding spindle.
  • Versatile accessories.

Technical data

Grinding motor/spindle (S0 / S0E):
  • Power rating = 0,25 kW / 0,55 kW
  • Motor speed = 2800 min-1 / 2800 min-1
  • Spindle speed = 4500 min-1 / 4500 min-1
Tool holder (S0 / S0E):
  • Tool diameter with collets = 0,5 to 18,0 mm / 0,5 to 18,0 mm
  • Square-collets = 4-5-6-7-8-10-12 mm / 4-5-6-7-8-10-12 mm
Tool holder settings (S0 / S0E):
  • Lateral adjustment = 10,0 mm / je 10,0 mm both ways
  • Longitudinal adjustment = 40 mm / 40 mm
  • Maximum relief angle = 45 ° / 45 °
  • Fine adjustment of indexing head relative to spindle = 15 mm / 15 mm
  • Number of registers on index plate = 12 / 12
Standard accessories (S0 / S0E):
  • Wheel mount for cup grinding wheel
  • Extractor nut for wheel mount
  • 100 x 50 x 20 mm cup grinding wheel for HSS tools
  • Tool set (8 wrenches)
Adjustment ranges:
  • Grinding stroke = 190 mm
  • Tool slide transverse travel = 100 mm
  • Grinding head vertical travel = 325 mm
Coarse settings:
  • Tool slide carrier = 220 mm
  • Grinding head carrier = 800 mm
Swivel angles:
  • Grinding head carrier = 360°
  • Tool slide carrier = 360°
Grinding spindle:
  • Three-phase AC drive motor = 1,1 kW bei 2.800 min-1
  • Infinitely variable spindle speeds = 2.000 bis 12.000 min-1
Connected load:
  • Load = 2 kVA