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Automation (optional)

robot loading system

chain loader KL155 / KL310 and pickup system

Drip pan

integrated for machine and chain loader


NUM Flexium+ or


NUMROTOplus or

Control panel

with 21.5" screen, industrial keyboard and trackball mouse


Flexibility: This is what many users of the ISOG 22 value the most. It is especially useful for small to medium batch sizes due to its vertical principle – even with only one piece.

New standards in CNC tool grinding

The ISOG 22 complies with all requirements of the EU Machinery Directive. The maximum tool length for automatic machining has grown significantly – to over 300 mm, whereas previously it was a maximum of 180 mm.

Use in different technology areas

Classic tool grinding is a matter of course for the ISOG 22. But it still knows a lot more: As a high-quality grinding centre, it also provides outstanding service in medical technology, aerospace, drive technology or in tool and mould making. Wherever complex and highly accurate parts or components need to be processed economically and with the highest precision.

Clamping systems for ISOG 22

Nobody likes restrictions. So the ISOG 22 can work with all common clamping systems. They can be integrated into the ISO-50 interface with a hydraulic control unit.

Technical data

  • NUM Flexium+ or Fanuc 31iB5
  • NUM roto or MTS toolkit professional
Grinding spindle:
  • Peak output / 27kW
  • rotational speed / 1.000 to 8.000 min -1- stepless
  • max. Disc diameter / 125 mm o. 150 mm
  • Weight = 3.800 kg
  • Dimensions = 1.890 x 1.820 x 2.280 mm
Range of motion / Measuring system:
X - axis
  • Movement range = 400 mm
  • Resolution= 0,00001 mm
Y - axis
  • Movement range = 310 mm
  • Resolution = 0,00001 mm
Z - axis
  • Movement range = 305 mm
  • Resolution = 0,00001 mm
A - axis
  • Rotary range = endless
  • Resolution = 0,00005°
C - axis
  • Rotary range = 224°
  • Resolution = 0,00005°


  • Chain Loader 155 or 310
  • Robotic loading cell
  • Pickup loading device
  • Grinding wheel change
  • High frequency spindle
  • Infrared measuring probe
  • Tailstock and lunette
  • Clamping device for deep hole drills
  • Direct clamping device
  • 2 Measuring sensor