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Expansion of products and services in the Precision Surfacing Solutions Group

many people know ISOG Technology GmbH as an established tool grinding machine specialist, who has been producing handmade machines with perfection and precision made in Germany for decades with a long service life.

Therefore, it is all the more regrettable that the company had to file for insolvency for the second time before the economic effects caused by COVID-19.

However, as we in the Precision Surfacing Solutions Group are still convinced of the product quality and would like to maintain this for our customers, we are very pleased to announce that we were able to integrate parts of the company into our portfolio. The location in Weilheim was not part of this deal and has been closed.

In the future, we plan to manufacture new ISOG machines at various locations of the PSS Group, which will be offered through our Surface & Profile Finishing sales team.

In future, our subsidiary Elb-Schliff Werkzeugmaschinen GmbH in Aschaffenburg will manage the spare parts warehouse, tools and existing machines.

We are convinced that with the experience and expertise of a strong and globally positioned network of the ISOG brand we can now offer a stable home and look forward to dealing with you and your enquiries in this segment in a competent and reliable manner.

From now on you can reach us for ISOG products via the following channels:

Phone: +49 6073 14 275

Please to not hesitate to contact us. We are here to support you!


ISOG Technology – Innovative Solutions to Optimize Grinding

Perfection and precision – two essential attributes that stand for the machines of ISOG Technology. The standards of ISOG machines have been among the highest in the industry for many years. ISOG machines are manufactured by hand with great expertise. In doing so, special, company-owned, self-developed, and patented technologies are used, which are constantly being further developed. Therefore, it is no coincidence that ISOG grinding machines set the benchmark in terms of quality and durability. In addition, they are always perfectly tailored to the individual needs of their users.

In the same way that the products from ISOG are something special, the service is also a cut above what is customary in the industry. The ISOG service team knows the ISOG machines from the inside out and stays in contact with every single machine – and, of course, the respective users. If support should become necessary, ISOG service is always at the ready and helps quickly and competently. This commitment applies long-term and all over the world.