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Top quality from Upper Bavaria.
This is what we are proud of!  

We at ISOG’s build grinding machines. Rather than churning them out, however, we make them step by step, using our wits and hands. Being our customer, you will have, after all, quite your own ideas and challenges – and that is why you will get your individual system.

“Made in Upper Bavaria” is what we should normally stamp on our machines. They are simply not only “Made in Germany”, each of them is a special something. We Upper Bavarians are still rooted to the soil. Here, people have known one another from generation to generation, and that is why you can forget about botch-up from the very beginning. For us, quality still means something, and a handshake still counts.

ISOG combines the best of industry and trade, and our standards are top principles in this field. We process our own technology that has been proven over the past few decades, and we are continually enhancing it. We are convinced of the quality and durability of our machinery, and it goes without saying that we enjoy seeing how our machines have turned out over the years. For this reason, we like to keep in contact with each single one of our machines and, of course, with you as its user. We shall be there whenever you need us – permanently and all over the world.

With us, you need not do without the things you expect from an internationally established manufacturer: professional advice and adherence to delivery dates. And if you need our help, our servicemen will turn up at your doorstep.

On the top of that, you, being our customer, will get what you expect from the mechanic around the corner: a contact person who simply knows his job, and who will personally look after you. Somebody who likes fiddling around machines, and who knows the system like the back of his hand, because he has built it, and because all his skills, knowledge and experience is in it. A specialist who knows both his stuff and his customer. The result is quite clear: The machine we shall build for you will be the very machine that exactly can do and give you what you need.

We vouch for them. Promise!