Sales Team

Just like you would imagine Bavaria to be: Every Friday at quarter past nine in the morning, eight seasoned men sit together, with traditional Bavarian veal sausage and pretzels. They talk about everything under the sun. Most of all, they talk about machines, about customers and their worries and wishes, and about solutions. These are not the worst ideas that evolve in this male circle, whilst the sausage skins land one after another on the edge of the plates.

This leisurely gathering is in stark contrast to the professional activity of the ISOG sales team during the rest of the week. They are open for business for their customers almost 24 hours a day. Recently the sales experts have been getting additional support from the ISOG application technicians. The technicians are always on board when there are practical questions. Whether at the customer site or at meetings on the company premises. Nobody is closer to the practical application; nobody knows the machines better than our application technicians. Our customers benefit from this dual consulting expertise.

The application technicians are also the ones who show our machines at fairs or demonstrate them on the company premises when customers and prospective buyers are our guest. They produce samples and help to resolve specific questions from customers. They do that the whole week, and especially so on Fridays at a quarter past nine.

Fon +49 881 688-0

Mark Camps

Norman Gründel

Sales Nordrhein Westfalen and Netherlands

Mobile: +49-171 2209668

Christian Schaitl

Christian Schaitl

Deputy Head of Applications Department

Hotline +49 881 688-560
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