During start-up we check all functions of your machine in great detail and, if necessary, perform integration testing for options and accessories. We train and instruct your operating personnel individually and thoroughly, taking your own specific requirements into consideration. Upon request, we will grind a workpiece pre-defined by you.

Your benefits:
• Smooth production start-up
• Optimum basic knowledge
• Trained personnel

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Maintenance contracts


We perform maintenance systematically on the basis of a detailed check-list that itemizes machine-specific procedures and checkpoints. You can choose between periodic maintenance (possible time intervals: 12 months) or one-off maintenance. All maintenance work essentially includes the following:
• Checking and assessing machine dimensions
• Exchanging wear parts (included in scope of delivery)
• Changing the oil, if necessary
• Comprehensive function test
• Backing up latest system data
• Maintenance report including recommendations
Your benefits:
• Increased machine availability due to reduction in downtimes
• Higher and more consistent output quality
• Substantiated information on condition of machine
• Cost transparency thanks to all-inclusive price

Maintenance contracts - Pro Life Cycle:
Annual maintenance of your machine with a needs analysis identifying required wear and replacement parts. A visual inspection of electrical and mechanical components will be carried out. The insertion force of spindle and index head / A-axis, as well as the tightness of pneumatics and hydraulics and zero points and exchange points will be checked. The detected problems will be discussed and a service record will be established.
Based on our “Basic” service package - an annual inspection of your machine according to the ISOG maintenance plan is included. A mechanical- and electrical sight check, testing of the clamping force at the grinding spindle and A-axis, check of oils and grease level, visual leakage test of hydraulics and pneumatics, check of the machine zero points, control of the changing positions for wheel changer and loading systems will be carried out. Exchange of the tooth belts for X-Y- and Z-axis, creation of a machine control back-up. 5% discount for spare parts during the period of the contract.
Additional on our “Standard” service package, you receive in annual rhythm a package of wear parts, the exchange of filter and a change of oil is included. The heat exchanger will be cleaned and checked. Furthermore, you receive 7% discount for spare parts during the period of the contract.
The “Premium” contract completes the package. It includes additionally a ball bar test with analysis and vibration measurement. The duration of contract is min. 3 years.
Within that time you get 10% discount on spare parts. The expertise and suggestions extend the surround of our delivered machines.

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Inspection / Machine accuracy


During the inspection your machine is inspected visually and the machine dimensions assessed. Our service technicians set up a detailed service check-list which will subsequently be analyzed with you. This will give you a clear picture of the current state of your machine.

Your benefits:
• Early detection of defects
• Improved ability to plan service work
• Increased machine availability due to reduction in downtimes

Basic – Annual inspection of your machine with a needs analysis.

Machine accuracy

Ball bar test
Electronical angle - and reversal backlash measuring of the linear axis,
determination of sheer and pitch of the ball bearing spindle and linear guideways.
You receive a detailed report with analyses of the measuring results for your records.
Geometry measurement
Complete measuring of the machine geometry based on the ISOG geometry log. Alignment of all 5 machine zero points and chain loader / pick-up loader and grinding wheel changer. You receive a detailed report with analyses of the measuring results for your records.

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Online Service

Online Service - Remote platform - ISOG App

• Installed by platform provider and ISOG
• Instructions on handling
• High safety standard to protect customer systems and data
  -  state-of-the-art, secure VPN connection technology
  -  connection is initiated from the customer network to the online service platform, not vice-versa encryption, firewall, etc.
• Minimum time and effort required to set up EDP

Your benefits:
  • Higher operating safety
  • Better response time
  • Experts are available irrespective of time (zone) and place
  • Consistent machine performance
  • Different Online Service Level
  • Operating figures for optimising
  • Condition monitoring
  • Trouble shooting
  • History of machine

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On-site Service

Customer service

Our qualified service technicians are based all over the world and can, if required, come to your site without delay. The service technicians can always resort to the technical support from our factory. They identify malfunctions, do repair work, measure, assess and, if necessary, restore the machine dimensions and perform a review.

Your benefits:
• Fast response times due to locally based service technicians
• Prompt troubleshooting
• Quick and lasting solutions to problems


Customer advisory service

We will be happy to discuss our services with you on your premises and will support you in the implementation of your projects. We identify your needs and are thus able to present specific recommendations.

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Replacement Parts

We refurbish selected replacement parts: they will be replaced, professionally processed in our in-house overhaul departments and then returned to the sales cycle. It goes without saying that you are granted full warranty for this (6 months service by ISOG). You can choose between a new part and a lower-priced refurbished part – the delivery time is identical.

Acutally available are the following wear parts packages for:
• S20 F31
• S20 NUM
• S22 NUM
• S22 Turbo
• S22 F31
• ISOG 22 F31

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We offer customer training tailored to your specific requirements that can be conducted at your production site and at your machine. Our training portfolio ranges from general grinding courses, operating and programming courses to specialized courses.

Your benefits:
• Procedures are learnt under real-life conditions
• Trained and motivated personnel
• Higher productivity
• Lower risk of machine downtime due to incorrect operation

We would be pleased to sent you our quotation for:
• Training application Basic 34 hours
• Training application at customer options 7 hours
• Training application process optimization 7 hours
• Software Update 7 hours
• Hardware Updated 7 hours
• Training application calibration/ settings 7 hours
• ESCO program training 21 hours
• Service mechanical training 7 hours
• Service electrical training 7 hours
• Maintenance 7 hours

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Machine and Module Overhaul

At our production site we maintain an in-house overhaul department staffed by experienced ISOG technicians. We will be happy to provide advice on machine overhaul on your premises and perform a review.
• Your machine is fully dismantled
• You can follow the overhaul progress online
• Renewal of guideways
• Assembly of the machine and restoration of its dimensions
• Ballbar test and machine acceptance
• Grinding test and 24-hour-test
• Renewed start-up including functional and dimension check
• 6 months warranty

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