The ISOG 24 is our latest development in CNC tool grinding. Its smart features set new standards in production.

The ISOG 24 provides the means for fast manufacturing of high-precision components. The machine produces cylindrical tools, complex production parts as well as indexable inserts.


Many new features of the ISOG 24 are just as innovative as they are smart.

Coolant nozzles
The nozzles are located directly at the grinding head and move with it in each grinding movement. They actively and automatically adjust to the grinding point. The coolant is applied more accurately than ever before. Thus, the grinding point always receives sufficient cooling, the ISOG 24 grinds at exceptional speed and with outstanding efficiency, also at higher performance and a high stock removal rate.

Wheel changer
The integrated wheel changer is especially large and is designed for 12 grinding tools. This allows for many work cycles; processes can be planned more effectively, and also quickly - changing the grinding wheel takes less than ten seconds, chip-to-chip.

Clamping system
The newly developed adapter system renders the ISOG 24 extremely flexible and increases its speed. The adapter system speeds up the exchange of all kinds of clamping systems enormously; they can be interchanged in a few simple steps.

Driving power
The direct grinding spindle drive has a nominal power of up to 17 kW and a peak performance of 35 kW. Linear and rotation axes are driven directly.


With respect to the CNC axes, the ISOG 24 relies on the tried-and-tested NUM control.

All peripheral areas (SPS) are driven by a flexible B&R control.

Interpolated processes with up to 5 axes (linear, circular, spline) are possible.

The ISOG 24 is structured for state-of-the-art condition monitoring: a multitude of sensors allow constant monitoring of the machine status, to identify wear and tear and inaccuracies at an early point in time, and to schedule maintenance, thus preventing downtimes


The extensive software is geared for almost all grinding tasks. It allows for precise and fast 2D cutting simulation in every position. Grinding programs can be created flexibly but still logically. Concentricity errors can be measured and compensated. The software NR Control provides optimum control for unmanned operation.

Also optionally available: 3D simulation based on genuine ISO code including 3D collision monitoring.



Chain loaders
Chain loaders are standard with the ISOG 24. The smallest solution is the KL 105 with 105 individually codable workpiece places. To save room, the wheel changer is flange-mounted on the machine as a module. In operation, the changing time is less than 12 seconds. The chain loader can be loaded and unloaded during the grinding process. The use of intermediate sleeves also allows for the use of hydro expansion chucks in the event of random manufacturing. A high precision is achieved with µ-precise interchange of the workpieces.

Robotic loading
As an option, the ISOG 24 is also available with a robotic loading cell. The loading cell is flange-mounted on the machine as a space-saving module. The loading interface provides flexibility and is adaptable to customer requirements.


Dressing unit
To ensure that the grinding wheels are always sharp and in shape: in an automatic process the ISOG 24 dresses, sharpens or profiles the grinding wheels. Furthermore, a second touch probe is able to measure the grinding wheel immediately afterwards.

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