22. March 2018

GrindTec 2018
Many Thank´s!


GrindTec has come and already gone again – it just flew by! We had an excellent and successful time in Augsburg at our alpine exhibition stand. And we were extremely pleased that so many old and new friends, customers and partners took the time to visit us. Thank you! Hopefully it won’t be two years before we see each other again!

There was a lot going on at our exhibition stand. Our hearty Upper Bavarian atmosphere that brought the mountains with the cosiness of the Alps to the trade fair was very well received by guests from near and far. Our two machines, the ISOG 24 and the ISOG 22, were the stars of the mountain landscape. They operated continuously during the trade fair days.

We received a lot of exciting questions. What interested our customers the most? Our innovative coolant nozzles of course, with CNC-controlled movement that always keeps them aimed directly at the grinding point. That is not something you see every day. Those who wanted to know more visited the MI-Verlag exhibition stand: another ISOG 24 was operated there live by the “fertigung” trade publication and one could see the coolant nozzles in action. Visitors also enquired about the interfaces at the grinding spindle and those to the clamping system. Many asked what further developments we have planned next for the ISOG 24 and ISOG 22.

Our guests enjoyed our hospitality as well. Friendly people gathered in our beer garden, we laughed a lot and had even more good conversations. Our mountain kitchen often had a hard time keeping up. The fragrance of freshly baked waffles sweetened the day for everyone. We had to quickly buy more beer during our exhibition stand party on Friday evening. The way it should be!

Our “Walk the GrindTec” promotion also appeared to be well received. Around 200 participants explored the exhibition site with our docket and collected stickers for the chance to win a barbecue. A Lotusgrill XL, a becoming tabletop charcoal barbecue with a fan system, was available to be won every day and these daily prizes were taken home by the satisfied winners. The draw for main prize, a Weber barbecue valued at about EUR 1300, is coming up in the next few days. So a bit more excitement remains!

By the way, we at ISOG are still in a trade fair mood. After GrindTec is before MECSPE: starting tomorrow, Thursday, we and our machines will be in Parma, Italy at the international trade fair for specialised mechanics from March 22 to 24. Everyone is invited to visit us there as well.

A warm thank you to all trade fair visitors!


8. March 2018

At the summit:
The ISOG exhibition stand at GrindTec


Just one week to go until GrindTec! If you want to breathe mountain air during the trade fair, pay us a visit. The ISOG exhibition stand 7067 in hall 7 is going alpine. We have set up our machines in front of the picturesque mountain backdrop of our home in Upper Bavaria. Our exhibition stand is a small hiking area. Climbing to the summit is always worthwhile – because of the breath-taking views, naturally, and because that is where you find the ISOG 24. When you have enough of wandering around the trade fair, take a break in our mountain pasture. Here you can relax in a cosy atmosphere.

But who knows if you will get that far. There is a good chance you are going to stop along the way, because there will be running ISOG 24 and ISOG 22 for you all day. We are presenting the most exciting details of our machines and answering all your questions. You as a connoisseur will be amazed when we disclose the latest values for the ISOG 24. They are truly impressive.

We warmly welcome you to our beer garden where we are serving soft drinks or a cold regional beer. Delicious Bavarian food awaits you as well: hearty fare and delicacies from the mountain kitchen, something different every day. Cheese spaetzle may be on the menu when you get there, or perhaps roast pork, bread dumplings or the popular veal sausage meatloaf. We have cake for you in the afternoon and are baking fresh waffles all day. Your blood sugar level is guaranteed to be restored for your next tour of the exhibition halls.

Speaking of touring the exhibition halls:
You can win a barbecue at GrindTec thanks to our "Walk the GrindTec" promotion. Hot stuff! You will find everything you need to know under
Don’t miss the “Grinder of the Year” contest. It is being organised by the “fertigung” industry magazine at exhibition stand 4054 in hall 4. The organisers have chosen our ISOG 24 as the competition machine this time around. Here the best tool sharpeners will compete in practical tests. We are excited.


22. February 2018

GrindTec is getting hot!
Participate and win a BBQ

Perhaps you would like to attend GrindTec and go home with a barbecue? That is a real possibility. We at ISOG have made the trade fair even more fun for everyone. In cooperation with our partners, we are inviting all trade fair visitors to “Walk the GrindTec”. This promotion has a playful side. Getting your chance to win is easy: just walk around the trade fair with a sort of docket in your hand, and occasionally stop at the exhibition stands of the participating companies.

Gerhard Ihle, Indusa, ISOG, Oelheld, Tyrolit and Vomat: those are exciting exhibition stands for you anyway, and well worth a visit. Not to mention that you will get a sticker on your docket. Once you have all the stickers and deliver the docket, you are a step closer to your new barbecue.

Then all you need is a bit of luck. There is a draw for a Lotusgrill XL at 4:00 pm on each day of the trade fair – a becoming, large tabletop charcoal barbecue with fan system. Everyone who completes and submits their docket that day is entered in the draw. In addition to the tabletop barbecue, there is also a TYROLIT BBQ implement set and original World Cup match ball. If luck is not with you that day, you get another chance: all entries go into the final draw at the end of the trade fair. If your name is drawn then, you get the main prize, a Weber barbecue valued at about 1.300 Euros.

You already know what to expect at the ISOG exhibition stand in hall 7 (7067): exciting tests on the new ISOG 24 and a nice cold beer. The other companies joining the barbecue party are highly valued by us as long-term partners and service providers: Tyrolit Schleifmittelwerke from Schwaz, Austria, the lubricant supplier Oelheld from Stuttgart, Germany, Vomat from Treuen, Germany with the expertise for fine filter systems, the carbide tool specialist Gerhard Ihle from Königsbach-Stein, Germany, and Indusa from Neu-Anspach, Germany known for its air filter designs. By the way, you will not have to walk terribly far in your pursuit of the barbecue. All of the exhibition stands are clustered in halls 3 and 7. Good luck!

We are looking forward to GrindTec – hopefully you are too!


19. Janauray 2018

We already have trade fair fever!
The contdown is running....

Two months from now we will see each other at GrindTec in Augsburg. We will see you there, right? You are of course very welcome to visit us there. ISOG Technology, as always every two years, will be found in hall 7 at exhibition stand 7067. With everything our patrons appreciate so much: amazing grinding centres, an alpine ambiance and Upper Bavarian cosiness. And us too of course! We are looking forward to seeing you again, to lots of shop talk and interesting discussions, to laughter and raising a glass of freshly tapped draught.

We encourage you to allow a bit of extra time. That is because we are bringing two of our series-ready ISOG 24 systems: one of the grinding centres is being presented at the exhibition stand – where we demonstrate numerous interesting refinements for dry grinding. The second machine is part of the “fertigung” trade publication’s exhibition stand. There it is being presented as a competition machine in actual grinding operation.

We are presenting an up-to-date ISOG 22 for you as well. At our exhibition stand, you will see for yourself with your expert eye: our revamped classic continues to be improved and once again offers some new details in 2018.

Do you like BBQ? If so, this year’s trade fair entertainment may be just the thing for you. We have organised “Walk the GrindTec”. You will find out what that has to do with BBQ and receive plenty of further information soon in one of our upcoming newsletters. You may quickly find yourself looking forward to summer.

But right now we have trade fair fever – and look forward to seeing you again soon in Augsburg!


1. December 2017

Save the Date
ISOG at GrindTec 2018!

GrindTec will be on soon. These important four days have long been thick and boldly marked in our calendars: From March 14th – 17th 2018 it is finally time. We look forward to seeing you again!

You can also look forward - to the new ISOG exhibition stand, for example. Because we bring Upper Bavarian cosiness to the exhibition hall: an alpine beer garden, where you can enjoy a fresh beer and satisfy your hunger with something hearty. Both the ISOG 24 and the ISOG 22 are available there, and we will be happy to show you what our machines can do for you.

Speaking of ISOG 24, our flagship has its own agenda during the fair: it will become a competition machine. It is used to determine the "Tool grinder of the year 2018". The best tool grinders meet in the exciting finale. They also meet the ISOG 24. For the seventh time, the competition is being organised by the trade magazine "fertigung", this time in cooperation with ISOG. That's why you will find another ISOG 24 at the "fertigung" stand during the entire fair - even more opportunities for you to get to know the new, versatile grinding centre better.

In addition, we are currently planning "Walk the GrindTec" together with well-known partners: a new participatory action offering you interesting contacts, information and experiences at the trade fair.

See you in Augsburg!


15. November 2017

ISOG 24 in action - this is the future of grinding

Our new machine generation ISOG 24 has now been realised. It has been set up at KGS Tilburg B.V. in the Netherlands. The owner Tijn Kruissen is a fan of the grinding centre from Upper Bavaria. He has been using the new Upper Bavarian precision machine since August – around the clock.

Four of our ISOG experts accompanied the ISOG 24 to its new home, prepared for and looked after its installation, set up the machine, commissioned it and began grinding. Several days were originally planned for basic training and instruction. But as it turned out, normal grinding was under way on the second day after commissioning and production has been running ever since. The Dutch operators were intimately familiar with the NUMROTOplus software already, and the new machine did not remain foreign to them for long.

Tijn Kruissen tells us that KGS Tilburg is highly satisfied with the ISOG 24. He has big plans for it: currently he is operating the machines exactly like the competing machines – because he wants to make direct comparisons. The grinding programs on the ISOG 24 will be optimised in the next step, realising its higher performance. Its production will then be considerably faster compared to the other machines. KGS Tilburg has already made a request for the coming year: they want to take advantage of the ISOG 24’s flexible, modular system by replacing the 105-slot chain loader with a 315-slot chain loader.

The market readiness of the ISOG 24 is also keeping us busy in Weilheim. Potential customers have been beating a path to our door this November. Many want to know more about the new machine generation and find out what it can do for their business. Naturally we are very pleased!
Have you seen the new ISOG 24 yet? You are welcome to visit us at any time! Get in touch with us to arrange a meeting. We are happy to show you what grinding of the future looks like.



15. May 2017

The insolvency of ISOG is a thing of the past

We at ISOG give everything. But we never give up! Now we got it in black and white, our erseverance was worthwhile. The insolvency of ISOG is a thing of the past, quite officially now. On 5h May the competent court of law has closed the insolvency proceedings. Now we steer full speed ahead again.

ISOG is doing well. Economically, it's years since ISOG was in a situation as good as it is now, with our new partners and investors. Technologically we are self-confident: the new ISOG 24 will set its own standards in the sector. Just as the ISOG 22 alias S22 did for years.

We at ISOG never give up – this has carried us through the past months. And we at ISOG give everything – this will be our guideline for the future! We are looking forward to proving this again.
We are looking forward to our new take-off, to discussions and shoptalk with old and new customers, with partners and friends.

Shall we meet at the Bayerische Schleifertage, our Open House? It will take place just this week, on 19th and 20th May. We would be pleased to welcome you here!


6. April 2017

Bavarian Open House 2017

We would like to welcome you once again here in Weilheim. How about that: You just come here for the next Bavarian Open House at ISOG on 19th and 20th May.
There will be a lot to see and to talk about. That means: Insights. Grinding know-how. Innovations. Machine demonstrations. Expert talks.
Have you already seen the ISOG 24 live?

Simply, informally and fast with Doris Saalfeld: tel. +49-881-688-522 or by e-mail to By Friday, 5th May at the latest, we need to know if you want to come. Please give us the following information with your registration:
1. With how many persons will you come?
2. On which of the two days you want to come?

We are looking forward to seeing you again!



20. Janaur 2017 

The new live grinding demo with ISOG 24!

Would you like to get to know our new CNC-grinding center ISOG 24? We would be happy to invite you to visit us in Weilheim to join us for a live grinding demo. There was high demand for the first demos we held in December. We advise you to sign up today to ensure a place.

Grinding demo schedule
First session: Tuesday, February 7th, 9:00 a.m. until 4:00 p.m.
Second session: Wednesday, February 8th , 9:00 a.m. until 4:00 p.m.
The events will take place on our company premises:
ISOG Technology, Am Öferl 17-19, D-82362 Weilheim / Oberbayern, Germany

What can you expect?
The ISOG 24 will show you what it is capable of. Especially watching the CNC controlled coolant valves live is really worth-while. Based on the three workpieces depicted on the right you will get to know many features of the ISOG 24. Of course, we will also answer your questions. And there is also plenty to eat and drink for our guests.

How to sign up
Simply contact our colleague, Mrs. Doris Saalfeld, either by phone
+49 881 688-522 or by email: .
We need your reservation by February 3rd at the latest.
If you plan to attend please let us know the following:
1. How many people will be in your party?
2. Which of the sessions would you like to attend?

We are looking forward to seeing you again and to having many interesting discussions on our ISOG 24!

 Invitation live demonstration


2. January 2017  

Business will continue at ISOG in Weilheim

 Shortly before Christmas we received some really good news: business will continue at ISOG in Weilheim. We have found investors who will join the company as shareholders. Together with our new partners we want to finalize the restructuring measures and put ISOG back on track. The survival of ISOG is thus ensured. We and all of our customers, partners and suppliers can now look ahead to a bright future.

Who are the new investors? New on board are Mittelstandsholding Endurance Capital from Munich as well as Bayerische Beteiligungsgesellschaft BayBG, also located in Munich. We have had ongoing discussions with both investors for quite some time. The contractual basis for our collaboration was established on 22 December, when we met at the notary. Prior to this, the interim creditors‘ committee had approved the concept. The insolvency and/or restructuring plan must still be approved by the creditors in the course of the first quarter of 2017. The proceedings required for this were formally opened by the Local Court of Weilheim in Upper Bavaria on 01 January 2017.
The two investors are on board with immediate effect and will join us in our daily routine.
Martin Sackmann will remain at the helm of ISOG – which is what the investors wanted. “We trust that there is nobody else who knows the company and its potential better “, says Dr. Andreas Albath, Chairman of the Board of Endurance. “Martin Sackmann joined ISOG as a restructuring expert and has made great progress in restructuring the company. Together, we will successfully finalize the restructuring measures.”
As part of the restructuring concept, the corporate structure of ISOG has been simplified. By way of universal succession, ISOG Technology GmbH & Co. KG with all of its business activities, receivables and payables has been transformed into ISOG Management GmbH. In the course of the reorganization, ISOG Management GmbH is to be renamed ISOG Technology GmbH. We will provide more information on this too soon.

Effective as of 02 January 2017, all legal transactions will be concluded with ISOG Management GmbH. On account of the universal succession, any agreements previously entered into with customers and suppliers do not need to be transferred separately. However, invoices must be made out to ISOG Management GmbH. If we receive invoices with the former company name, we regret that these will have to be rectified.

In the past weeks, we have also been very busy with our grinding machines. The main focus is still on our new CNC tool grinding center - the ISOG 24. In the weeks before Christmas we already welcomed interested customers here in Weilheim, where we presented the ISOG 24 and its capabilities in the form of a test grinding. The demand was so great that we plan to repeat the offer and issue another invitation to a test grinding in February - 7 and 8 February 2017, to be precise. Who knows, maybe we will meet up there once again?



18. August 2016  

Two exciting fairs at the same time

Two exciting fairs at the same time: in addition to attending the AMB in Stuttgart, Hall 8/ B36 and Hall 1/ E72 on 13-16 September, ISOG will also be exhibiting in the US at the IMTS in Chicago, Hall E/ Booth #5653 on 12-17 September. In Chicago ISOG will present the ISOG 22 NFX. It is a long time since the company from Weilheim has exhibited at a fair in the US. This time we will be joined by our new partner “All CNC”, with whom ISOG wants to boost the sales in North America.


20. May 2016  

The machine with added value

 The countdown has begun: there are only a few weeks left before we introduce the ISOG 24. To shorten the waiting time here are some of the exciting details.

For example the working area: the ISOG 24 will have substantially more space for its tasks.

We have extended the axis travelling distances by 67 percent, on average. This means not only that workpieces in the future can be somewhat larger than in the past.

But above all it benefits the machine and its processes. We have changed and accelerated the machine movements – there are many more useful tools available – and many innovative and practical solutions that you will certainly appreciate.
The new ISOG 24 will also be much more rugged than its predecessors.

For this purpose, we have enlarged the guide ways. They are rescaled by 40 percent, i.e. they are sturdier and are thus geared up for a particularly long life.

More value for you – you will see that immediately. In just a few weeks.



29. April 2016 

ISOG 24 is on its way!

In late summer we will be launching our new grinding center. At ISOG in Weilheim (almost) everything revolves around the new machine. We are thrilled of course – but you can be full of anticipation too: ISOG 24 offers a wide variety of new benefits for our customers.

ISOG 24 will be our fastest machine. It grinds with higher performance and completes processes distinctly faster and more efficiently.

For a start, this is thanks to its spindle: we have given it higher speed. So far, our machines have performed at up to 8,000 revolutions per minute (rpm). ISOG 24 can do more, one and a half times more, i.e. 12,000 rpm.

We have increased the traverse speed of the linear axes. A modified spindle pitch and better spindle motor power make it possible to bring individual working steps closer together during the process and shorten non-productive times, when there is no grinding going on. So your workpiece doesn’t waste time in between grinding steps. It’s real fun to watch!


24. März 2016  

GrindTec 2016 – a total success

There was a lot going on at the ISOG stand at GrindTec - and a lot to discuss every day of the fair: in many groups, large and small, it was all about the latest developments at ISOG.
On the one hand, the discussions were about the upgraded ISOG 20 and ISOG 22 machines with their numerous enhancements. On the other hand, of course, the focus was on ISOG 24, a completely new grinding center that will be brought onto the market in late summer 2016 – the first details of which were revealed here at GrindTec.

ISOG’s new service modules, which are meant to provide customers with the level of reliability that they specifically need, turned out to be a fascinating topic for many practical experts. The visitors were able to view various applications live on the ISOG 20 and 22 machines that were on display at the fair stand and have lively discussions with the experts from ISOG.

All this in a particularly comfortable setting: ISOG had set up a beer garden at the stand. There they offered draft beer, Upper Bavarian white sausages with sweet mustard and pretzels as well as hearty roast beef. The visitors were able to have a little rest sitting at the trestle tables and talk to their colleagues, friends and business partners in a relaxed atmosphere. Just as Martin Sackmann, managing director of ISOG, had envisioned it: “This year, we wanted to do something completely different at our stand – we wanted to focus on people and discussions. And we succeeded”, he happily comments. “The people who came to our stand were not our visitors but our guests.” And it was obvious that the guests enjoyed feeling “at home” at ISOG as suggested on the banners and partition walls.

The beer garden was also a reflection of what has been the company culture of ISOG Technology for some time now: talking to the customer, learning from him and identifying his needs and wishes – this is the maxim that Martin Sackmann has issued for the Upper Bavaria-based company. In the meantime, he is very happy about the response: “The feedback we got at GrindTec was fantastic. Both on our stand and our machines. It was a great fair!”



DEEN  Klicken Sie hier um das Hintergrundvideo fuer diese Session abzuschalten