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Arthur Völpel

How must a machine be, for it to exactly meet the requirements of the customer? No-one would know that better than a customer. That’s exactly why ISOG invited one to join them in some development work. In 2015, Völpel was on board as a partner and trial customer for the newly developed version of the S20 with chain loader.

The basis for this unusual cooperation was the trust that had grown over 25 years – and also a bit of luck: In spring 2015, Völpel ordered a new machine from ISOG, an S20. Just at the same time that the new company culture was picking up speed at ISOG – and with it the fundamental idea: talk more with the customer and listen carefully to their requirements.


If it weren’t for ANSCHÜTZ, there would be no biathlon as it is known and loved today. That’s because it has only been this way since the senior head of the company in the 1970’s, Dieter Anschütz, brought about the greatest revolution in this type of sport. Before that, a biathlon was more or less a military discipline, in which large-calibre rifles were used to shoot at targets at a distance of 100 to 300 metres. That was expensive, complicated, and risky; the public had to maintain a great distance and could not share in the excitement. Competitions took place largely unnoticed.


In Schönanger, in the middle of the Bavarian Forest, a chorus of grinding machines hums. They are in the production hall of Schneidwerkzeuge Schleiftechnik Moser. The 40-year old family company has thirteen employees and a boss who needs little sleep.